Hitler In Bogota

My long standing affection to Bogota and Colombia as a whole, linked with my German connect makes me sad but also intrigued to find this link between the socialism’s little man and my favorite part of the world. Scanned from an old reportage on rumours of Hitler’s whereabouts, it makes an interesting thesis on what might have been. I myself am weary of taking such hearsay on board. There is a popular opinion that Hitler and associates might have made in to the Latin continent. In fact there were less of an influx of fascists into the continent, and rather those of an equally uglier side of the political spectrum. That ugly side being the far left. Fleeing Hitler’s Europe for new pastures to seed their indoctrination.

The seeds of this alter wave have arguably caused more harm to the innocents of Latin America. Namely (among others) Antonio Navarro Wolff ascended to second-in-command of the murderous Marxist guerrilla group called M-19 (A National Socialist Organization), that helped engulf Colombia in a murderous period of time, involving generations. He has links to the United Kingdom’s Loughborough University Students Union dating from briefly before 1976.

Hitler Hiding In Bogota – National Police Gazette – June 1968 by AKA “Tomás de Torquemada”