Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia

Photo of Foreign Professional Agitators as Trade Unionists.

Photo depicting Tom Feiling as part of a group of foreign professional agitators visiting Colombia as trade unionists.

Brought to you by a guy called Tom Feiling. Unashamedly, a former campaigns director for the TUC‘s Justice for Colombia campaign, a left wing out of touch union operating in the UK. This and other unions donate vast amounts of funds accumulated by it’s members and used explicitly to influence a party’s political agenda against the interests of democracy.

Attending a UK presentation at the Colombian Consulate in London (UK) for The Anglo-Colombian Society on his newly released book going by the (admittedly) misleading title of “Short Walks from Bogotá“. At this presentation, I got the opportunity to hear more of his views.

Pictures from The Anglo-Colombian Society – Tom Feiling’s book “Short Walks from Bogotá, 29 of May 2013

Never the less, if you are willing and able to filter-out Tom’s biased perceptions of Colombia and one sided reportage, he has made an interesting film about the Hip-Hop scene in Colombia and it is worth 50mins of anyone’s life of whom might be interested in Colombia. See below to watch Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia.

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