Download – My Love for Moomin (楽しいムーミン一家 Tanoshii Mūmin Ikka) 1990 TV Series

All throughout my youth I loved Japanese Anime. Robotech got me into it in a big way. But the only series to capture my heart and my imagination as well as my fears was the 1990s Japanese Anime TV Series. It seemed to be the only CBBC show that got me other than Going Live. All Moomin fans have a favourite character. For me, apart from Moomin himself it would definitely have to be Snufkin. I just loved his free and wondering spirit.

Moomin (1)

If you love the Moomins you can buy the four DVD’s with English language dubbing here: Volume 1 (ASIN: B00122M2R4), Volume 2 (ASIN: B001CQH1PI), Volume 3 (ASIN: B002ATVDIW) and lastly Volume 4 (ASIN: B002BIYNE8).

Unfortunately, Stax Entertainment the authors of these collection haven’t done a good job at all. The audio and video quality is pretty badly completed to DVD. The audio suffers badly in the first few episodes of echo. I emailed Stax Entertainment regarding all these issues on and got a reply from Tony Taglienti claiming that this was the first he heard about it and appealed to me to return it to the place of purchase. However, despite these errors this still remains the only way to watch the episodes in English. The volumes also fall short of all the episodes in the first series. This is something a facebook campaign tried to solve in appealing to Stax to complete the volumes.

  1. The Moomin Valley in Spring (ムーミン谷の春 Mūmindani no Haru)
  2. The Magic Hat (魔法の帽子 Mahō no Bōshi)
  3. The Discovery of a Wrecked Ship (浜で見つけた難破船 Hama de Mitsuketa Nanpasen)
  4. The Moomins Discover the Island (おばけ島へようこそ Obakejima e Yōkoso)
  5. The Secrets of the Hattifatteners (ニョロニョロの秘密 Nyoronyoro no Himitsu)
  6. Tiny Guests (小さな小さなお客様 Chiisana Chiisana Okyakusama)
  7. The Suitcase (スーツケースの中身 Sūtsukēsu no Nakami)
  8. The Hobgoblin’s Magic (飛行オニの魔術 Hikōoni no Majutsu)
  9. An Invisible Friend (姿の見えないお友達 Sugata no Mienai Otomodachi)
  10. The Invisible Child (笑顔がもどったニンニ Egao ga Modotta Ninni)
  11. The Wings (大空を飛ぶスノーク Ōsora o Tobu Sunōku)
  12. The Pirate (ムーミン海賊と闘う Mūmin Kaizoku to Tatakau)
  13. The Last Dragon on Earth (地球最後の龍 Chikyū Saigo no Ryū)
  14. Our Neighbour is a Tough Teacher (お隣りさんは教育ママ Otonarisan wa Kyōiku Mama)
  15. Snorkmaiden’s Lost Memory (記憶を失ったフローレン Kiyoku o Ushinatta Furōren)
  16. A Close Encounter with Aliens (ムーミン谷に火星人! Mūmindani ni Kaseijin!)
  17. A Change of Air (ムーミンパパの家出 Mūminpapa no Iede)
  18. The Wooden Crate (海から来た魔法の種 Umi kara Kita Mahō no Tane)
  19. Buried in a Jungle (ムーミン谷はジャングル Mūmindani wa 1guru)
  20. Moomin Saves the Tigers (ムーミン虎たちを救う Mūmin Tora-tachi o Sukuu)
  21. Snufkin Leaves Moomin Valley (スナフキンの旅立ち Sunafukin no Tabidachi)
  22. Moomin and Little My’s Adventure (ムーミンとミイの大冒険 Mūmin to Mī no Daibōken)
  23. Visitors in Winter (ムーミン谷の冬の住人 Mūmindani no Fuyu no Jūnin)
  24. Hurry Up Snufkin (帰ってこないスナフキン Kaettekonai Sunafukin)
  25. The Lighthouse (パパの夢をのせて Papa no Yume oo Nosete)
  26. The Day the Lighthouse Lit Up (灯台に明かりのともる日 Tōdai ni Akari no Tomoru Hi)
  27. Aunt 1e (お金持ちのジェーンおばさん Okanemochi no Jēn Obasan)
  28. The Floating Theatre (浮かぶばけもの屋敷 Ukabu Bakemono Yashiki)
  29. The Lost Children (離れ離れの家族 Hanare Banare no Kazoku)
  30. Midsummer (喜びの再会 Yorokobi no Saikai)
  31. The Big Explosion (スノークの空飛ぶ船 Sunōku no Sora Tobu Fune)
  32. The Golden Fish (まぼろしの金色の魚 Maboroshi no Kin’iro no Sakana)
  33. The Spirit in the Lamp (魔法のランプに願いを込めて Mahō no Ranpu ni Negai o Komete)
  34. The Kite (たこに乗ったミイ Tako ni Notta Mī)
  35. The Witch (帰ってきた魔女 Kaettekita Majo)
  36. Christmas Is Coming (クリスマスって何? Kurisumasu tte Nani?)
  37. The Midwinter Bonfire (冬の生物たちのお祭り Fuyu no Seibutsu-tachi no Omatsuri)
  38. The Spell (眠りの魔法 Nemuri no Mahō)
  39. Things That Go Bang in the Night (真夜中の不思議な音 5onaka no Fushigina Oto)
  40. The Secret Fireworks (花火の秘密 Hanabi no Himitsu)
  41. Crooks in Moomin Valley (ムーミン谷の怪事件 Mūmindani no Kaijiken)
  42. The Solar Eclipse (魔女のほうき Majo no Hōki)
  43. The Prima Donna (サーカスのヒロイン Sākasu no Hiroin)
  44. The Birthday Present (すてきなお誕生日 Sutekina Otanjōbi)
  45. Moomin Builds a House (ムーミンの建てた家 Mūmin no Tateta Ie)
  46. Dame Elaine (パパは大金持ち? Papa wa Ōkanemochi?)
  47. The Hot Spring (温泉が出た! Onsen ga Deta)
  48. The Bubbles (シャボン玉に乗ったムーミン Shabondama ni Notta Mūmin)
  49. The Giant Pumpkin (ママの秘密 Mama no Himitsu)
  50. The Imp (枯木の中の声 Kareki no Naka no Koe)
  51. Snorkmaiden Goes Psychic (フローレンの超能力 Furōren no Chōnōryoku)
  52. The Treasure Hunt (宝探しで大騒ぎ Takarasagashi de Ōsawagi)

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      Sorry for the late reply. Password has been sent to your email address. Enjoy and please let me know how you get on.

  • Liene Schipper

    I was wondering if I could get the episodes? The links sadly don’t work!

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      • I will update this once I have a reliable source to all the episodes. Thanks for passing by and asking after them. Sorry.

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    • Bad news is that I have had to remove the links to the content. YouTube had all the episodes but many have been removed. I myself are looking into obtaining all the episodes again and will update this post in due course. Very sorry.

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