The Leaked ARTE Film that The Establishment Media Tried to Censor

The recent film by name of Chosen and Excluded – The Hate on Jews in Europe or natively named Auserwählt und Ausgegrenzt – Der Hass auf Juden in Europa by Joachim Schroeder. Brings to bear antisemitism in the West. The film was commissioned by a channel called ARTE but later refused to air the resulting documentary film as it proves uncomfortable viewing to those with an alter-motive established by the government and mainstream media across Europe but particularly in current Germany.

Hier Ist Das Volk!

Hier Ist Das Volk!

In the light of continued censorship of this film and with it being removed from a multitude of video hosting sites, I have sourced an unedited version of the raw film and am making it available totally unrestricted for all to view and download.

You are free to download this film by opening it to a separate frame through the pop-out logo to the top right of the embedded video above. Once the new page has opened you will see a download icon to the top-right again.

Unfortunately for many non-German speakers here the video has no official English translation subtitles. To ensure that you are able to understand the gist of what is said I have made available a quick auto-translated subtitle file here. I am working on the arduous task of translating it into English myself, if you would like to collaborate on this or if you have a subtitle file ready sooner than myself please leave a comment below.

To apply the subtitles to the video, I recommend downloading the video and subtitle files as indicated above to the same directory and then use a program called VLC to play the video on your computer or smart device.

Additional Viewing

Here is another piece documenting the situation Europe now finds itself in.

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