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Hi, I’m Stuart Oswald. I was born somewhere, and then grew up. Along the way I went to places, travelled and learned about important things. Then I lived in different cities and worked for different, famous and important people. Then I ended up where I am now. And this is where I do stuff. I’ve won a bunch of important as well as impressive things for some of that stuff. I hope to continue doing stuff for some time now.

In 2009 I took a groundbreaking trip for myself and a number of English language media outlets, including my own gaming web publication. The main purpose of this trip had been to cover Japan’s leading international gaming exhibition the Tokyo Game Show in a live and print capacity. Needless to say, this took me and my media assets to a whole new level of recognition. Apart from games coverage, I forged new and important business contacts in the Far East to a number of media avenues. I grew my working knowledge of Japanese and pleasantly indulged myself in Japan’s Manga, Gaming, and fashion pop-culture. I now visit the land of the rising sun regularly and enjoy my super shoebox sized apartment in Ueno, Tokyo.

Stuart Oswald - Jujo Station, Kyoto, Japan

Taken in Jujo Station, Kyoto, Japan (2011)

If it’s not apparent in the picture below, you’ll see that I am middle deep in a vast Colombian coffee plantation. I make almost seasonal trips to a communally grown and managed coffee plantation in Colombia’s coffee region. This directly sourced and exported produce is sent straight to markets throughout German speaking parts of Europe. The principle is above Fairtrade and exceeds all ecological and social benchmarks. Social projects are organized and completed during each of my visits. Many of these projects focus on Information Technology and revolve around bringing the benefits of the internet to previously disconnected rural communities. I believe Free Market Capitalism is a true force for good as the quality of products produced by loyal, knowledgeable and committed people far outstretches that of the competition and the alternatives. It’s not just coffee that’s been talked about here. There’s a vast number of the different agricultural product being produced.

Stuart Oswald- Vergara, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Taken in a grand Colombian Coffee farm in Cundinamarca. (2012)

Early during 2006, I made my first trip to Colombia. I got to see a vastly undiscovered country that just turned the tipping point in failed states. Nearer the end of the hugely successful and much praised Alvaro Uribe’s second term. During this visit, I took the opportunity to work on a number of personal and insightful documentaries offering a new view of the country and the people that make it what it was known for, and how it came to be today. Completed from a vast catalogue of personal footage. It offers images and interviews from the people of Colombia and their thoughts and accounts of the Colombian inner city and rural stories, past and present.

Stuart Oswald - Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Taken atop Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. (2006)

The 2012 London Olympics offered a huge opportunity for my fond city. I didn’t waste it either. Cancelling a number of personal projects. I switched and managed to include myself in a wealth of behind the scenes IT networking tasks and social activities. I covered all these for a number of different local and grass route media outlets. I even met the British, Colombian and German Olympic teams, on more than one occasion. Grasping a Gold medal and bearing an Olympic torch became the personal highlight of the games.

Entering the London 2012 Olympic Park as a spectator rather than work on this occasion.

Entering the London 2012 Olympic Park as a spectator rather than work on this occasion.

For those of you whom know me already, know that I speak German and know that I have business ties to this great land. Guten Tag an alle meine deutschen Besucher. Wenn Sie meine Biografie in englischer Sprache gelesen habe dann gibt es nicht allzu viel zu fügen in Deutsch. Aber ich werde sagen, dass meine Verbindung zu Deutschland stark ist. Ich liebe die Kultur, die Menschen und die Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Ich habe verbrachte viele Jahre in Deutschland, vor allem in Bayern. Ich habe mein Studium in Deutschland abgeschlossen und besuchen das Land regelmäßig. Ich verbringe meine Zeit jetzt zwischen Kolumbien, Großbritannien und Deutschland. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, auf den Besuch Kolumbien zögern Sie nicht mich zu kontaktieren. Ich habe immer geschafft, Zeit für eine gute deutsche Bier zu finden, egal wo ich bin in der Welt. Sei es hoch in den kolumbianischen Anden oder neben der Themse von Großbritannien.

During one of my many regular trips to Munich, Germany. This here being the wonderful Marienplatz.

During one of my many regular trips to Munich, Germany. This here being the wonderful Marienplatz.

The portfolio continues and I welcome you to continue reading on through my blog posts..

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